Midwest Brevet Week 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Midwest Brevet Week!  The core concept behind the Midwest Brevet Week is to give riders the opportunity to ride the qualification and training brevets you need in the order you want to prepare you for a great PBP experience.  We are also accommodating those riders looking for a “Classic” Brevet Week experience.

To help riders plan their time at Midwest Brevet Week, we have created several tracks that provide a path to preparing you for PBP.  The advantages of the tracks are to help you focus on your goals and make it easy for riders on a specific ride distance to start together in a larger group.  We do recommend group riding for night time events.


200K – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29951411

300K – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/6860943

400K – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29808147

600K(5AM start) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/7557617

600K(Sunday 6PM start) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29913961


Cue sheets are available here for planning purposes.  Any required modifications to the routes will be announced in West Union.

Track Descriptions 

Here are the track descriptions.  Click here to review the Midwest Brevet Week Ride spreadsheet for more details on daily rides.

      1. Classic Brevet Week – ride the brevets in approximately ascending order: 300, 200, 400, 600k with a rest day built in.
      2. Fast PBP – for starters in the 80 hour or early 90 hour groups on Sunday evening or who are aiming for a faster overall time. Plan to ride all the way to Brest (600k) or close before taking your first sleep break.  This track starts on Sunday evening to emulate the PBP night start.  After the first 600k, choose which distances you want to continue with to complete a full 1200k or do enough to know how it will feel.  A weather day is available if needed. We recommend you come to West Union on Saturday or early Sunday to give yourself adequate preparation time for a 600k start on Sunday evening.
      3. Moderate PBP – start later on Sunday evening– similar to a later 90 hour start time. Complete 400k, approximately the distance to Loudeac, before taking your first sleep stop.  From there continue over the next 2-3 days with shorter legs (200-300k).  A weather day is available.
      4. 84 Hour Special – If you plan to start early on Monday morning in Rambouillet this track will work well for you. Many riders on this track are aiming to do most of their riding during the day, getting decent sleep at night.  A weather day is available as needed.
      5. Long Brevet Qualifiers – if your primary goal is to complete your 400k and/or 600k qualifications, this track will set you up to do one or both of these rides in either order, with a rest day or two between rides.
      6. Other-Custom – If you have a different plan for achieving your goals at the Midwest Brevet Week, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.

There is no obligation to ride all four ride distances over the week.  If calendar constraints are an issue, select the rides you need to do and plan your time at the Midwest Brevet Week accordingly.

Special note: One of the benefits of riding your longer qualifying brevets right away at Brevet Week is if something does go awry (mechanical, digestion, weather, etc.) on your 600k or 400k, you will have another opportunity to restart this later in the week.  For example, if you start the Sunday night 600k but end up DNFing, you can try again on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Our goal is to provide a flexible environment for you to finish your qualifications and prepare you for your PBP experience.   The event costs are very reasonable and include:

  • Routes (route preparation, route verification), cue sheets, GPS files, cards, etc.
  • On course support as needed
  • Refreshments and snacks when you return to the host hotel.

You are responsible for your hotel and other food costs.  The host hotel provides a breakfast – which will be available for the early morning brevet starts.    There are restaurants in West Union for other meals.

Cost is $20/riding day.  200k and 300k brevets count as one day, 400k and 600k brevets count as two days.  Rest days and weather days are free (you will need to keep your hotel room though).  For example, if you are coming to the Midwest Brevet Week to complete 300, 400 and 600k events, your cost would be $20 + $40 + $40 = $100.

Payment is required by May 1st.  Payments after May 1 will cost an additional $5/day.

To pay for your Brevet Week – use PayPal and send the funds to: QCRando@gmail.com

Feedback and Registration Form

Click here for the Midwest Brevet Week registration form.  If you sure you are ready to join us or are very interested but not ready to commit yet, please go ahead and fill out and send us your registration form.  Nothing is official until you send the registration fee via PayPal and your registration will keep you in the loop on new info and plans.  This will give us a good idea about what riders are most interested in so we can focus on meeting these needs.


  1. Razvan Buciuc
  2. Dawn Piech
  3. Carol Bell
  4. Mark Rougeux
  5. Eric Peterson
  6. David Baxter
  7. Charlie Martin
  8. Jeremy Kershaw
  9. Eric Nichols
  10. Dave Tigges
  11. Malcolm Fraser
  12. Brett Cook
  13. Kate Ankofski
  14. Ken Jessett
  15. John Trad
  16. Richard Burnside
  17. Regina Schurman

Full List of Events

Sunday, May 26th – 200k(5AM Start)/300k(5AM Start)/400k(6PM Start)/600k(6PM Start)
Monday, May 27th – 200k/300k/400k/600k(All events start at 5AM)
Tuesday, May 28th – 200k/300k/400k/600k(All events start at 5AM)
Wednesday, May 29th – 200k/300k/400k/600k(All events start at 5AM)
Thursday, May 30th – 200k/300k/400k/600k(All events start at 5AM)
Friday, May 31st – 200k(5AM Start)

Start Location, Lodging & Logistics

Book your hotel now!  All events will begin in the parking lot of our host hotel: Best Rest Inn & Suites in West Union, IA.
Address: 108 IA-150 , West Union, IA 52175
Ph: (563) 422-3537
URL:  bestrestinnandsuites.com

A block reservation of 25 rooms has been set up at the Best Rest Inn beginning May 25th through May 31st (assumes checking out on the 31st). To make your reservation, call the hotel and mention “Brevet Week.”  You can book just the dates you need for the rides you plan to do (you do not have to book the full week). 

The Rates:  The hotel is providing a 10% discount for the block reservation.
Room with 1 king bed –> Sun-Thur = $76.50, Fri-Sat = $85.50
Room with 2 queen beds –> Sun-Thur = $85.50, Fri-Sat = $94.50

The rooms in the block reservation will be released April 27th.  If you are serious about participating in the Brevet Week you are encouraged to make your hotel reservations early!  

West Union is quintessential “small town Iowa.”  As such, there are few, if any restaurants or grocery stores open past 9pm.  Riders are certainly welcome to bring food and/or buy from a local grocery store and utilize the fridge/microwave in their to replenish calories at the hotel.  The Brevet Week planning team is working on providing some “basic” food options as well so that there is something available to riders as they return to the hotel late in the evening/early morning hours.  If you have special dietary needs, it’s probably best to plan for your meals at the hotel.  As usual, the controls will generally be unstaffed and at mini-marts where riders can purchase food.


For more details and to add your name to the Interested Riders List, send an email to: MidwestBrevetWeek@aol.com
There is also a “Midwest Brevet Week” page on Facebook.

Midwest Brevet Week Committee:
Mike Fox, Quad Cities Randonneurs RBA (Chairman)
Tom Ehlman, Minnesota Randonneurs
Rob Welsh, Minnesota Randonneurs RBA
Greg Smith, Driftless Randonneurs RBA